Tanzstatt Alpengasthof Regulations


Hotel night starts at 4 p.m. in the day of arrival and lasts till 10 a.m. in the day of departure.

Smoking in the rooms is forbidden. It is allowed only in the places designated for this.

Please keep your skis in the designated place.

According to Austrian heatlh regulations it is forbidden to consume own food or drinks on the premises of the restauration

Austria propagates selective collection of rubbish. We invite you to use the selective rubbish bins in the corridors. If there will be need, our staff have more rubbish bags.

- Yellow bin in the corridor is for collecting the plactic,

- Green bin in the corridor is for collecting the waste papers,

- On the ground floor, near the kitchen: bin for collecting glass and metal waste,

- Pre-board big bin: other rubbish (including diapers!).


If you have any remarks or problems concerning the accommodation, please go to the reception! Thank you for your help and understanding!