Skis in Alps


Ski fans would surely admit that well prepared ski slope, fabulous moutanin space and also comfort for the sould and body aftef white fun guarantee excellent ski jaunt.
Real winter adventure starts in the place, where the nature itself prepares apriopriate conditions do ski on the mountain slopes.
Who would not like to experience real fun from skiing in Alps ?!

If you are thinking about choosing an ideal place to go skiing in Austria , we can say in the full conviction that Tanzstatt Alpengasthof is an ideal place for skiing in Alps , from which not only breathtaking views spread, but also there is the smell of fresh air! It is also possibility to spend a night in Alps! You will become convicted that everything what is necessary for the skiiers, that is well-prepared slopes, both for beginners and advanced skiers, and also comfortable rest after all day long fun on the alpine slopes you can experience thanks to Tanzstatt Alpengasthof! You will be able to rest away from the city tulmut and delight in positive energy.

Skiing in Alps is one of the best ideas for a winter sport to do and to spend your free time, in which picturesque alpine views, clear and brisk air, soothing silence and also luxutious rooms in our guestgouse will be a healthy injection for your body and soul!

Do not wait! Call us now and book rooms in Alps - Tanzstatt Alpengasthof guesthouse – in order to experience an unusual skiing adventure in Alps!