Antyalergic region

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Alpine air is friendly to allergy sufferers.

We usually associate winter holidays with mountains, skis and freshs air. Places where all allergy sufferers may calmly rest from the pollution and there is not much pollen. For millions of people who suffer from inhalation allergies region with a small amoount of allergenes or region that lacks them is a perfect place to rest.
Can you lead a normal life and travel if you suffer from an allergy? Of course yes, only you have to know where to go.

Ideal place to travel to is for example Lachtal town, located along Alps. Reason? As it results from the research of foreign reserachers, from July the air in Lachtal is almost without pollens. Of course the higher the less pollen there is.

On the heght of 1400 meters in the heart of Alps allegry sufferers may peacefully rest. This region is especially recommended between May and October. In Alps the pollen count is in this period of time much smaller than in the lowlands.

Alpengasthof Tanzstatt guesthouse is an ideal place to rest for people who suffer from pollen allergy, for example hay fever or asthma. What is more, healthy, pollen-free air around Lachtal makes it possible to enjoy mountain hiking and bike tripson on the fresh air.