Tanzstatt Alpengasthof


Snowboard or skis in the Austrian Alps are a great idea for a winter holiday! We invite you do use our accommodation offer in Austria. Alpengasthoff Tanzstatt located in Lachtal, is a place, where you will really rest. We offer to you and to your relatives accommodation with board so that you will not have to worry about the daily cooking.

Cosy furnished apartments provice comfortable and happy stay. You can admire beautiful views of Wlzer range and the landscape of Lachtal alpine village from the balconies in Tanzstatt Alpengasthof. Neighbouring Lachtal ski resort consists of perfectly prepared slopes, modern infrastructure and splendid snow conditions for all winter sports fans. Tanzstatt is an ideal solution for unforgettable holiday in Austria. Our advantages are 25km of ski and snowboard routes, highly qualified staff of instructors, two alternative cross country routes, sleigh track and ice rink!You can reach the resort straigh from the slope! All this makes our offer ideal for everybody who wants to go skiing in Alps. It is worth to choose an alpine accommodation in Tanzstatt Alpengasthof! Besides frfom the complex ski-centrum, the tip to Austrian Alps is a paradise for everybody, both the people who relax in an active and also those who like passive rest. Near tourist route Salzkammergut Strasse a historic health resort is located. Cyclists, trekking lovers, paragliders and other funs of extreme sports will find many attractions for themselves. For those, who want more they will find climbing walls and tennis courts in Oberwölz town located 15km from Lachta. Let yourself relax in the historic land of Styria, travel skiing to the picturesque Lachtal and for dreamt holidays in Austria!

We invite you to see the charming alpine towns and the advantages coming from the mountains!


Zinkenalm is a holiday resort located among Austrian Alps. It is a perfect accommodation base recommended especially for organized groups, ski schools and school trips, because of the relative price. Our resort is perfect for children and teenagers, but also for families, beacause it is located just by the ski slope.

We offer rooms with board and everyday entertainment thanks to various nearby attractions. Zinkenalm is located in the historic Styria land. Lachtal town is a perfect choice for snowboard and skiing in Alps. For those who want to improve their skills – a highly qualified staff from the best skiing schools will help. Winter and summer holidays in Austria are a perfect idea for school trips. Summer attractions provide tourist and bike routes, unforgettable views, clean lakes, autumn wine festival, zoo and a Miniature Park. Stay and accommodation in Alps will positively affect your health. Mountain climate and clean air are a perfect therapy for allergies and breating system illnesses. Winter in Zinkenalm means alpine attractions like: 25 km of skiing routes, 8 lifts, 100 ha of sunny skiing resort located on the latitude from 1600 to 2222 metres above the sea level. There is a planetarium and thermal springs in the neighbouring town. We recommend Zinkenlam in Austria as an ideal place for alpine relax for you and your family.

Please come to Lachtal and see the advantages coming from moountains!